Bella Virtue
Bella Virtue

Jun 22, 2021

Let it be known by all that I’m a huge fan of her and the voice actress especially (she did a marvelous job).Nevertheless, if Lady Vampire were real, we would be in trouble.Sis’ murders innocent young women who serve under her and her daughters (who are also vampires), creating wine with their blood. Like, how disgusting is tha She’s also like Wolverine in the sense that no matter how many times you hurt her, she manages to cure her wounds in seconds. And she has long ass claws that can emasculate anybody in a snap (provided they have balls, of course).

I read Stephen king's 1000 pages of IT. The thousands of pages contained horror, and I couldn't find myself falling asleep for straight one week. I am happy that pennywise is a mere fictional character; I cannot imagine myself in a position where I am standing opposite pennywise.Kid mutilated body in the middle of the road. A mysterious death, yet nobody bats an eye on the clueless event.As you know, pennywise could easily be compared to the Harry Potter series—boggart. The boggart shapeshifts to the deepest darkest fear— which one holds. Since it is a wizarding world, the boggart didn't terrify me because, well, for instance, I will have a wand at my disposal to tackle the situation or imagine as Neville did with professor Snape.

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Now, picture the boggart standing beside you, and you do not have a wand, and you certainly cannot change their version of your fear with imagination, yet they possess the ability to penetrate your thoughts. Isn't that terrifying as it is fascinating?!Pennywise can turn itself into the darkest and deepest terrifying nightmare of yours and stand nearby.A clown is supposed to be a child's favorite laughter but turning that laughter into an insidious disaster in a second is terrifying.Pennywise haunts kids and captures them. But it can corrupt an adult mind too and causes havoc, in a place where 1000s have killed each other.

Pennywise corrupted one of the kid's abusive fathers and made him run behind her on the streets, and she can't ask for help as the adults can't see the terror because they lack imagination. Everyone walked and minded their own business without helping the little kid who is running for her life. The world saw her suffer, but nobody helped, and she ran and ran.The entire cast of Them, an original TV series on Hulu, was great. Although, I admit I’m kind of waiting for myself to get tired of these similar storylines involving black vs. white, then insert spookiness somewhere, also in which most of the white characters are extra horrible…