Travel Blogs and Bloggers in 2020

Today travel is as easy as one, two, three. The biggest set back is that we are spoil for choice.

Travel Blogs and Bloggers in 2020

Today travel is as easy as one, two, three. The biggest set back is that we are spoil for choice! But travel blogs make these choices easier by sharing tales from the road to reviews on the best places to stay to what to expect from the locals. Travel blogs remain firmly in the top ten slots of most popular blogging niches. Today we look at who travel bloggers.

what successful travel blogs look like, and whether you think this blogging niche is for you?

Travel bloggers take on many shapes and sizes from digital nomads, backpackers, photographers, and writers, to chefs, venture capitalists, and modern-day adventurers, the list goes on. These adventurous souls make traveling a lifestyle choice. And it makes sense that travel blogs stay so popular. Travel bloggers give those of us who want whimsy from the comfort of our couches, a beautiful daydream of what it is to “Live on the Road”. But they also offer a service.

Travel Guides

Travel blogs act as guidebooks on where to book flights, trips, and tours from. They give prices and advice on the best way to get from A to B. Some travel bloggers have formed partnerships with travel agencies and booking offices and make extra revenue through affiliate marketing. This means they can offer their audience special offers and discounts. Other travel blogs are more like personal blogs that record the daily lives of these intrepid travelers. These blogs are often accompanied by a blog or podcast. And stunning photos. Many travel bloggers have Patron accounts and offer their audience extra content at a small additional fee.

The goal of most bloggers today is to create a blog that they are passionate about. But they also want to get enough traffic through their site in order to create passive streams of income. Travel bloggers are no different. Besides the advice and recommendations, they often sell travel gear in the capacity of an affiliate marketer. Travel gear covers everything from camping equipment to ski accessories, surf apparel, and snowboard gear to photographic equipment. This helps them to finance the running of their travel blogs, and it keeps them traveling. If you want to learn how to make money blogging, or how to make money online check out my articles.

The most popular blogs about travel are ones with great photos. A good picture transports a visitor to the site, into that world where the picture was taken. So often travel blogs are for the pure pleasure of seeing the beauty of the world around us, through the lens of a traveler.